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E-mail: info@beantownfun.com
Call: 978-777-4422 or 1-800-886-8064
Fax: 978-774-0078 or 1-800-367-5187

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Art & Text Info

custom-imprint buttons
Your Art Department Needs This Page! To ensure we produce the highest quality product for your order, please follow these guidelines.

What to Send Computer File(s)

  1. Send a copy of your file saved from any of the programs listed.
  2. Send supporting files necessary for output such as fonts or placed graphics.
  3. Fax (978-774-0078) or mail a composite print of the artwork.
Program Files*

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Corel Draw
Adobe InDesign
Generic EPS File
Generic PDF File
TIF File

** Mac or PC **

Camera-Ready Art - What is Camera-Ready Art? PMTs, stats, veloxes, High-quality black & white art. The art must have a composite print of all colors on one page, plus each color printed on a separate page with registration marks.

What is not Camera-Ready? Faxes, laser prints, inkjet prints, newspaper clippings, handwritten notes, business cards and art not color separated. Additional art charges will apply to prepare these items for printing.

Film Negatives or Positives. Sorry, due to advances in our printing technology, we no longer accept film negatives or positives.

How to Send the Art:

  • Electronic Transfer (E-mail)
    Send files to the email address and fax number below. Files should be compressed before sending to speed the transfer. The factory can expand many formats including those created by DiskDoubler™ and Stuffit™ for Macintosh and ZIP for PCs.
  • E-mail Art to:


    Fax art to:
  • Disk. Send files on any media listed below.

Disk Sizes:

3 1/2" Floppy
SyQuest 44, 88 200 (5 1/2")
Jazz 1 GB
Zip 100
3M Super Disk (120)

Miscellaneous Information:

  • Fonts. Include all font files. For Trutype fonts there is one file. For Postscript fonts there are two files, a suitcase file and a printer file. Type that is converted to outlines or curves in programs that provide this function do not need font files.
  • Graphics. Include all linked graphic files. Many programs do not embed a graphics file such as a TIFF. It is only linked. Therefore, to print properly, it must be included on the disk or e-mail.
  • Trapping/Overprinting. Is is not necessary to trap your files. Trapping will be done electronically at the factory to our specifications. Be sure to check for any unintended overprinting items because these will not trap.
  • Size/Bleed. The factory will size your art to fit unless you specify otherwise. An additional artwork charge may apply for extending complicated bleeds.

*If you do not send artwork in either of the above suggested files, we cannot be responsible for any quality issues. The better the artwork, the better the product.

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